Hollomans Daycare

Whether you have an infant or a 6th grader, all of Holloman’s programs include a full day of care between the hours of 6am–6pm. Unlike other schools which have separate charges for morning care and afternoon care which can add up to higher total child care and schooling costs, you can plan ahead knowing that Holloman’s programs are all inclusive of schooling, care, and meals.

Adding additional siblings is easy at Holloman’s too. When that additional brother or sister comes along you can place them in our programs as early as 6 weeks of age.

During the day care hours, children through age 5 will have the opportunity to play freely in the rooms with their friends, use our indoor and outdoor playgrounds, receive a daily nap between 12 noon and 2 pm, and utilize our theater vision system. Children in grades 1-6 receive all of the above, but do not take naps. Children in our 3rd-6th grade Elementary Academy have access to in-class computer systems with an assortment of educational software appropriate to their age. All elementary age children have access to after school video game centers and recreational arcade games such as table soccer, air hockey, ping pong, etc.

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Hollomans Programs