Elementary Academy


Holloman Child Development and Education Center’s Elementary Academy was established as an extension of Holloman’s preschool and kindergarten programs. Seeing the need for an accelerated elementary program, Hollomans has developed a program for children in grades 1-6 that contains the elements for preparing students for college preparatory and advanced courses that will be available to them in the secondary schools. Working at grade levels approximately 1-1/2 years ahead of the normal levels, students are expected to master math, language, and writing skills that carry them well into early Algebra levels of mathematics as well as complete research projects and term papers normally associated with secondary grade levels. Independent thinking, reasoning, and problem solving are incorporated into a variety of subject areas. Students are placed into advanced reading programs that include numerous book reports and the opportunity for head to head competitions with other area public and private schools. Science labs and the use of computers round out our full range of academics. Once completing Holloman’s elementary programs, students are well prepared for the choices available to them at the secondary level.

Entrance testing is required for non-Holloman enrolled students. Students already enrolled in Holloman’s 5K program may submit application for acceptance during the spring semester of 5K year.

*All Holloman Elementary programs include full day care between 6am-6pm Mon-Fri. Breakfast, Lunch, and an afternoon snack are also included. Transportation via our shuttle vans is available at no charge to and from our other three locations in Hampton, Denbigh, and Williamsburg.

See the curriculum for Grades 1-3

See the curriculum for Grades 4-6

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