Holloman’s offers two years of Kindergarten. At the Four Year Kindergarten level, students review all learning basics of alphabets, colors, shapes, and numbers. Counting is expanded to 100 with number recognition. Students learn to print upper and lower case letters through a structured textbook program that teaches writing, phonics, and reading. Students learn to sound out and read simple words, then simple sentences, and later simple stories. Students utilize listening skills to follow directions and work independently. Counting skills and number writing are expanded into mathematical operations of group concepts leading to beginning addition and subtraction. Students are given lessons that teach them lessons on history, science, communities, music and Bible.

At the Five Year Kindergarten level, students continue learning to write by printing upper and lower case letters. Printing of full words, sentences, and paragraphs are included. Students expand their reading and phonics by beginning spelling lists. Reading of full sentences and small stories are a regular part of this program. Simple addition and subtraction are expanded to include multiple digits. Concepts of time, money, measurement, and fractions are included. As with all of Holloman’s elementary programs, students in the 5K class use accelerated textbooks. Students receive lessons in history, science, communities, music, and Bible. Students learn to complete larger assignments and work independently.

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