About Us

The Holloman trademark soldierWelcome to Holloman Child Development and Education Center. Holloman facilities are based in southeast Virginia, with a location in York County. We serve children from 6 weeks old to age 12. Our schooling includes Preschool for ages 2 and 3, Kindergarten for ages 4 and 5, and a private Elementary Academy.

Our Philosophy of Working with Children

How we treat kidsWe recognize the child as a total human being of body, mind, and spirit; our program is therefore designed for growth in all three areas. We believe that each one of us is a Divine creation limited only by our own thinking. Our school motto is “I Can, We Can, You Can”. The word “can’t” is discouraged at all times. Our staff is made up of caring people trained to deal with children and their problems. They will show love, affection, and attention at all times.

Our programs and curriculum centers around this philosophy and is a large part of what Holloman’s has to offer. Please contact us with questions about our curriculum or programs.

Features That We Offer

All of our facilities are state licensed

We are accredited by the International Academy for Private Education (IAPE)

We offer an accelerated curriculum at each age level

We have a large indoor playground as well as spacious, fenced outdoors areas

We are open year round. (See our Calendar page)

We offer a Christian component to our curriculum

Meals and snacks included

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Hollomans Programs